Video Premiere: Kalia Vandever “Mirrored Solitude”

Front page photo by Bao Ngo

There’s a spellbinding vulnerability when we share our memories. Kalia Vandever’s “Mirrored Solitude” is more than a reflection as it casts its lens past the horizon line. “‘Mirrored Solitude’ accesses an adolescent vulnerability, pondering early curiosities and longing,” Vandever shares. “Taking walks around downtown Los Angeles became a favorite pastime of mine in high school. This song transports me back to those solitary walks when I couldn’t make sense of the range of emotions that comes with being a teenager.”

Echo-laden vocals lay a hypnotic, flowing foundation that expands the spaces for Vandever’s affecting trombone passages to explore. Each note is an arrow, a gentle piercing force that extracts buried emotions shrouded within our core. FAME, who made the video, says, “The loop indicates the time passing and moving through all the emotions, from joy to anger to calm. As it’s a loop, the beginning is its end and vice versa; getting lost in where we are in the cycle while the person standstill and is being themselves.”

Stretched into the distance, tone patterns are swept up by subtle vibrato and languid reverence, moving with purpose beneath blurred textures. We turn and turn. “Mirrored Solitude” is revelatory.

Kalia Vandever’s We Fell In Turn will be released by AKP Recordings on March 31st. Pre-order HERE.

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