Video Premiere: David Toop & Lawrence English “Whistling In The Dark”

When two titans like David Toop and Lawrence English come together on a project, it comes with expectations. “Whistling in the Dark,” the first taste from their upcoming album, The Shell That Speaks The Sea, heightens the drama with phantasmic atmospheres saturated with distorted squalls. Ambient sounds obscure the harsh edges at the periphery, where skittering, obtuse rhythms scurry along the forest floor, pulling our focus toward the towering, blown-out sonic progressions. Negative imagery in Scott Morrison’s video reinforces the creeping dread simmering beneath each microscopic crackle. When the world finally darkens, we’ll still lose ourselves in this intensified soundworld.

The Shell That Speaks The Sea will be released by Room 40 on June 2. Pre-order HERE

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