Track Premieres: Werner Dafeldecker “Neural” and Dafeldecker/Tricoli “Der Krater #1”

“Neural” rises and falls in slow motion, like a great beast lumbering backward toward the darkness. Dafeldecker, along with Nicholas Bussmann and Judith Hamann on cello and John Heilbron on double bass, wield subtle dissonance with a sharp edge. Tension builds throughout the piece; though it has purpose, it never searches for release. Countless repetitions subtly intersect, unfolding slowly but gathering gravity within the sonic core. 

In comparison, on the collaboration with Valerio Tricoli, Dafeldecker carries this weight through a resonant maze of hollow wires and scattered electricity on “Der Krater #1.”. A living, breathing chasm in the earth where discordant frequencies sink into nothingness, only to emerge again with more force. Dafeldecker refers to these pieces as nightmares. While the subterranean spirits churn unseen, searching for escape routes, Tricoli and Dafeldecker’s aural visions collapse into fractured harmonics that spread into the abyss.

Both Neural and Der Krater (with Valerio Tricoli) will be released on June 9 by Room 40. Pre-order HERE.

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