Video Premiere: Mike Cooper “Incandescent Gamelanations” w/ Scot Ray on Pedal Steel

Anytime we get to venture into the sonic ripples in Mike Cooper’s waves, it’s a good day. His latest for Room 40, Black Flamingo, finds Cooper in a series of duets where possibility glides endlessly on the open seas. “Incandescent Gamelanations” is a spirited sonic conversation, teetering in woozy swells and steely investigation. Cooper and Ray speak a resonant language, bouncing, skittering harmonic passages off each other that refract the sound into new directions. It’s joyous in its movements and sunlit energy. Black Flamingo is an utter delight, and “Incandescent Gamelanations” couldn’t set the mood better.

Black Flamingo will be released May 19 on CD and digital formats by Room 40. Pre-order HERE.

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