Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #11: Zimoun

Whenever I think of Zimoun, massive installations with a ton of tiny, moving parts is the first image that springs to mind. Often, the cumulative sonic quality of those works is something more intimate and drawn in. In that way, this mix encapsulates those ideals perfectly, traversing large spaces at a crawl, pulling us closer and closer as it goes.

Zimoun’s most recent album, Guitar Studies I-III, is out now on Room 40. He also has an exhibition, Material Concerns, on display at Brisbane Powerhouse through April 16.


00:00 ringhof – the light pushed slowly through the fabric
16:00 apparatus – 01
23:20 mHz – some time after two, somewehre else
35:40 mihalis shammas – water
50:15 spatial + tengui – summoning tajogaite (msp edit)

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