Video Premiere: Ulrich Krieger “Aphotic I”

Gears are grinding themselves into dust beneath leaden drones and stochastic guitar textures. “Aphotic I” uses sonic deep dives to explore vast, dark expanses. Ulrich Krieger’s fascination with the ocean’s depths rings through the resonant echoes and harsh aqueous fields. 

“The aphotic zones (from Greek: lightless) relate to the oceanic depths roughly between 1.000 – 11.000 meters,” Krieger explains, continuing, “ It is the realm of huge, incredible flat abyssal plains and large deep-sea trenches, like the Mariana Trench.” This overwhelming feeling spills through the angular corridors and into the video’s imagery, bringing Krieger’s ideas to life. 

Krieger is also a recreational scuba diver, and those experiences permeate this music. “Being able to move in three dimensions is one of the new experiences of scuba diving as well as the feel of changing pressure and its effect on our nervous system,” he says, “[Even] in shallow depths, one can feel changes in perception and the slowing down of brain function—subjectively everything feels slower.”

“Aphotic I” appears on Krieger’s forthcoming album, Hadal, which will be released on June 16 by Room 40. Pre-order HERE.

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