Video Premiere: Hyunhye Seo “Eel I”

Front page image by Eva Luise Hoppe

Darkness resonates in empty space on the beguiling “Eel I” from Hyunhye Seo’s forthcoming album, Eel. The way sound evolves and narrative imagery unfolds throughout the video pushes the drama to a breaking point. We’re on this ride until the end, and as the pressure builds and dissonant drones scythe through undulating blackness, it becomes so overwhelmingly visceral that it’s as though this music is crawling across our skin. Steel scratches and hollowed-out piano motifs scour the sky for breaks in the clouds, pulling sonic scaffolding into a growing abyss below. There’s no escape. The sound has metastasized, and its roots are unbreakable. “Eel I” is wonderfully disturbing. 

The eel will be released on July 14 in Room 40. Pre-order HERE.

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