Video Premiere: Omar Ahmad “Lapses”

Front page photo by Zach Hussein

Foxy Digitalis is thrilled to share this video and statement from Palestinian-American electronic artist Omar Ahmad, in solidarity on Nabka Day today. Pre-order his new album, Inheritance, via AKP Recordings HERE.

“I am a child of displaced people. While nowhere fully feels like home, home of the mind and heart are what I explore through the motions of Lapses. On this Nakba Day, I hope to share a bridge for those forcibly estranged from their ancestral homes and those still struggling to survive their daily lives in Palestine. We have never been further apart in time, but never closer in our ability to reach into one another’s lives from afar. Let this song be a warm phone call to a relative in an open-air prison or a shoulder to cry on for someone who has themselves shouldered far too much.

A visual collaboration between ACE, Singha, and I, this video opens a dialogue about the past and weaves a narrative of what could’ve been, or could be for those living under colonial systems of oppression.”

Omar Ahmad

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