Video Premiere: Stephen Vitiello “Iron Oxide and Frit”

Stephen Vitiello and Andrew Deutsch’s collaborative history is a long, winding story of lovely music and visual elegance. On Soundtracks for Andrew Deutsch, Vitiello shares a selection of these pieces. While they may carry a different spirit without the video work attached, they still take our imaginations down countless pathways. The subtle movements and slight, shadowy shifts permeate the lucid resonance with familiar accouterments in an unfamiliar setting. Plucked acoustics sing like organic stars, sounds moving at divergent angles, forward and in reverse. Something comforting emerges from these rising flows, as though we can see any moment in time clearly. This is music permeated with a warm rush of emotion, and each passage is a stinging reminder of past lives and forgotten memories.

This film is by Andrew Deutsch. Pre-order Soundtracks for Andrew Deutsch via Room 40 HERE.

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