Premiere: Tenniscoats “Totemo Aimasho” 15th Anniversary Edition + “Tasmania Bootleg”

Tenniscoats is truly one of my favorite projects of the last couple of decades, and as the 15th anniversary of the crucial Totemo Aimasho approaches, Room 40 has a new edition ready along with a bootleg cassette from a performance in Tasmania from 2009. Saya and Ueno have such a special ability to capture the fragility and impermanence in moments of joy, their music a vulnerable expression of their generous spirit. I can listen to this music for hours.

Totemo Aimasho and Tasmania Bootleg will be released on September 8 and September 15, respectively. This edition of Totemo Aimasho was remastered by Lawrence English and includes some alternate versions of album tracks and unreleased pieces. Tasmania Bootleg was recorded by an audience member at that performance, and the edition contains a digital phonebook, containing photos in 110 and other formats, that were captured in Tasmania during that time. This is crucial stuff

Pre-order Totemo AimashoHERE and Tasmania BootlegHERE.

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