Video Premiere: Eugene Carchesio & Adam Betts “M”

Non-stop. Unexpected. A collaboration between Aussie great Eugene Carchesio and UK drummer extraordinaire Adam Betts wasn’t on my 2023 Bingo card, but “M” shows that it’s a stellar match. Carchesio’s minimalist, hypnotic aural patterns are pulled into subterranean orbit by Betts’ frenetic rhythms. There’s a relentlessness, as though every bar and sonic texture is being gloriously force-fed through filtered mechanics into our skulls. It’s dizzying and emphatic, heightened by the upside-down visuals in the video. I can’t get enough of the interplay between Carchesio’s subtle electronic movements and Betts’s unyielding cascades, and each subsequent listen ingrains it further in my core. 

Circle Drum Music will be released by Room 40 on November 3. Pre-order HERE.

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