Premiere: Dorian Wood “Excesiva”

Photo by Matt Grubb

I’ve said, on multiple occasions this year, that whatever Dorian Wood does and wherever she goes, I will follow. Her music is a force, whether it’s borne from stunning vocals or held within an illuminating stillness, and it is an invitation to find focus and be present. 

On “Excesiva,” her latest for Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Wood asks listeners to step into an expansive, atmospheric space. Recorded on Thanksgiving day in 2022 with a microphone and a milk bottle, the piece explores dichotomies through sonic contemplation while ruminating on the land we occupy and inhabit. Across the 44-minute runtime is a slow build and release, like steady breaths of someone lost in their own thoughts. It is meditative with an outward gaze. Distant aural elements are crystallized and blurred through the glass prism, heightening the eerieness and visceral impact of these sounds.

“Excesiva” is available for pre-order now and will be released on September 29. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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