Video Premiere: Fabio Perletta “Nessun Legame Con La Polvere” (excerpt)

Borrowing its title (translated as ‘No Attachment To Dust’) from a Zen story, Fabio Perletta concocts an immersive sound world of earthy textures and resonant memories. Metallic scrapes morph into haunted echoes that keep watch for sharp timbres to emerge before dissolving into a slow-moving melancholic sea. Piano notes hang in the balance, ghosts in the air awaiting any sort of indication of whether they are coming or going. Perletta’s minimal arrangement searches the stillness for a place to reflect and remember. It’s poignant, as Perletta meditates on the forces of life as he finds moments of light and beauty in surprising places. 

Nessun Legame Con La Polvere will be released on November 17 by Room 40. Pre-order HERE.

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