Video Premiere: Natalie Beridze “Who Dwells In Possibility”

An echo grows in the distance, between sharp piano shards, shifting synth timbres, and dampened vocal patterns. Natalie Beridze’s music always creates visceral connections, and while the cadence of “Who Dwells In Possibility” is obscured by a fogged lens, it still maps the endless sonic expanses that are never quite contained. Lilting phrasings move from ephemerality to concrete forms atop the hollow melodies. Nika Machaidze’s video is full of blurred, fluid motion that heightens the shadow movements in the unseen spaces of Beridze’s piece. Searching yet still, “Who Dwells In Possibility” is a quiet force of decayed density built into an acute, angled aural endlessness.

If We Could Hear will be released on December 8 on Room 40. Pre-order HERE.

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