Video Premiere: Panghalina ”Glass Lake”

Front page photo by Nick Mckk

Panghalina is the trio of Maria Moles, Bonnie Stewart, and Helen Svoboda, and on “Glass Lake,” immateriality finds solidity. Svoboda and Stewart’s swirling vocal waves swim around one another, leading us down an aqueous, amorphous pathway lined in glowing specters. A wash of synth textures rises through the undercurrents, their shapes moving in slow motion like the colorful imagery in Danny Wild and Olympia Wasikowska’s video. By stripping each element of “Glass Lake” down to its ethereal roots, new forms take hold and plant themselves within an eternal space. It’s moving and captivating, and once its aural gravity surrounds us, we are immovable statues. Stunning.

Panghalina’s debut, Lava, will be released on February 2, 2024 by Room 40. Pre-order a copy HERE.

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