Video Premiere: Hand to Earth “Mokuy”

Front page photo by Jordan Munns

Fluid dreams take on tactile timbres on Hand to Earth’s gorgeous “Mokuy.” The quintet of Daniel Wilfred, David Wilfred, Aviva Endean, Sunny Kim, and Peter Knight sculpt vibrations from the ether into gently soaring soundscapes, riding woodwind waves beyond the horizon, buoying spiraling, utterly captivating vocal melodies. “Mokuy” pulls dancing patterns from the air and makes them sing. Scott Morrison’s film pulls us in with its hypnotic movement and rich color palette, heightening the lithe arpeggiations and melodic runs into places unseen and unknown. This music stretches across time, boundless and unforgettable. Essential listening.

Mokuy is out this Friday, November 24, via the great Room 40. Pre-order HERE.

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