Video Premiere: Robert Gerard Pietrusko “UTM39N”

Unexpected geometry becomes an obscuring prism that shifts your perception of Robert Gerard Pietrusko’s narcotic “UTM39N.” Tranquil synth currents move across the surface, waves searching for a beach to smother, while electronic static is an aural glaze that hovers above like the sound of the summer sun. Pietrusko’s work is effortless as if it was plucked from the trees in the video, a solitary leaf floating through the grey skies to the earth below. 

Around the halfway mark, glistening frequencies rise up as if refracted by the rectangular shapes in the video and tower over everything else. Calming and restorative, the space between the harmonies grows into an expansive embrace where everything seems peaceful, at least for the moment. “UTM39N” is a beautiful preview of Pietrusko’s forthcoming gem, Elegiya, out July 9th on Room40.

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