marine eyes “idyll”

Aquatic majestic soundscapes rise from dripping caves, soaked in the gentlest of tones, feeling like a sea breeze dancing across the skin. marine eyes creates music that is soft, but never light. Emotional depth cascades through her work, each chord of “shortest day” carefully chosen to evoke a particular feeling or specific moment in time, her voice a guiding light always. idyll has an infinite well of heart to pull from, the reverb-soaked zones of “cloud collecting” and “pink moment” a warm hug against the darkness that lurks in the cool distance. With my eyes closed, idyll becomes a world of dreams; floating under waterfalls during a crisp day on the title track or scaling the vine-laden walls of a secret garden on the lush “roses all alone.” Like her recent collaboration with zaké, idyll paints in the colors of empathy and connection, and through her aural gifts, it’s impossible to feel alone. 

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