zakè & marine eyes “Unfailing Love”

Everything about this release feels like it was made just for me. From the gauzy synthetic airspace to the pink and green color palette of the cover, this album is how I think of myself. Tiny moments get stretched to infinity throughout Unfailing Love, adding weight to memories that may not immediately seem like pivotal turning points, but eventually rise to become shining monuments to who we’ve become and who has helped us there along the way.

There’s a passage on the wistful “Forever” where disembodied voices linger in the sonic mist as a haunting reminder of everything we’ve lost. Soft, spectral tones gently writhe beneath, a safe bet to catch phantom tears; a place that’s always there, ready to catch you whenever the fall comes. Notes shift upward, emerging from the aural fog like beams of light piercing through overcast skies, giving new life a chance. Everything may feel impossibly heavy right now, but there are still flowers ready to bloom beneath the surface.

Throughout Unfailing Love is a powerful, transcendent message of finding meaningful connection and grace through hope and empathy. Mournful washes of sound permeate so many corners of Unfailing Love, like the pastoral title track where marine eyes breathlessly echos the words “unfailing love” like a celestial body singing to the universe. As it fades, I am hypnotized. I can feel again.

zakè and marine eyes have created a powerful testament to our resolve. Joined by the wonderful Lucy Gooch on closer “Floating Together,” it is a bright moment to end on. Gooch soothingly whispers, “I know it’s true, I gave a part of me to you, when we came together. I know you know it too.” We give ourselves, perhaps more than we should at times, and we build connection and community. The electricity that hums throughout Unfailing Love is that connection, that invisible, moving force that keeps us going and, hopefully, brings us together. Close your eyes and take this beautiful journey with zakè and marine eyes.