Foxy Digitalis Mix #32: Bastian Void

A few months ago when I published The Triforce mix, Joe Bastardo (aka Bastian Void) reached out to see if I’d be interested in another mix of video game music sometime down the road. When he told me about some of the more obscure and out-there stuff he was thinking about, I couldn’t say yes quick enough. 

Not to repeat myself, but Joe and I go pretty far back, too. Bastian Void’s debut cassette was on Digitalis and I’ll happily admit to being a cheerleader for his work ever since. With Bastian Void he creates these interesting, vivid worlds that are sonically interesting, of course, but also suggest any number of narratives that could exist within their neon corridors. 

He’s come a long way since that first tape as evidenced by the sheer brilliance of his new album, out tomorrow on Oxtail Recordings, Topia. To celebrate the new record, join the record release livestream celebration tomorrow at 8 PM EDT at Meanwhile, get blitzed with this incredible mix.


Rise of the Dragon – Dynamix Logo
Raystorm – PS1 OST 7
Megami Ibunroku Persona – Door Frozen Shut
Shenmue – Night Falls
Rise of the Dragon – City Hall Street (With Sound Effects)
Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Briefing Dentsu, Inc.
Stretch Panic – Museum of Agony
Silent Hill Shattered Memories – Searching The Past
Starflight – Starport Theme
Shenmue – Hazuki Residence
Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu’s Dororo – Ghostly Ambience
Evergrace – Sunbeams Streaming Through Leaves On The Hill
Shenmue II – Worship & Heaven Buddhist Altar Shops
King’s Field IV – Palace of Oath Exterior
Megami Ibunroku Persona – Generic Conversation 1
Shenmue II – Kowloon Top Floors
Operation Winback – Office
Silent Hill 2 – White Noiz
Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Ammunition Factory
Rise of the Dragon – Blade’s Apartment
Eye of the Beholder – Camp Screen
LSD Dream Emulator Music – Bright Moon Cottage Ambient A
LSD Dream Emulator Music – Flesh Tunnels Ambient C
LSD Dream Emulator Music – Pit and Temple Standard D
Ranger-X – Mission Briefing
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future – Perils of the Coral Reef
Marble Madness – Practice Race
TAMA – Stage Select
Lost in Shadow – Garden
Parasite Eve – Out of Phase
Flashback – Descent into the Tunnels
Shadowrun – 3 AM On A Summer Night
Snatcher – The Lair
Snatcher – Creeping Silence
Dead of the Brain – Credits
Kaze no Notam – Customize
Vertical Force – Game Over

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