Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #44: Alberto Boccardi

The same restraint and precision running beneath Alberto Boccardi’s most recent album, Petra, sneaks into the architecture of this mix. While these pieces’ rich and evolving textures are front and center, this music covers a wide emotional swath. Boccardi keeps his finger on the pulse, though, guiding listeners through each pace with an unwavering focus. It turns the hour of this mix into a lasting, memorable breath.

Petra is out now via Room 40 and comes highly recommended. 

Sara Pagani & Pietro Boccardi “Remarque” (Unreleased)
Sam Prekop “The Company” (s/t)
Valentina Magaletti “La Tempesta Colorata” (La Tempesta Colorata)
Keith Fullerton Whitman “Welter” (Schöner Flußengel)
Lydian Dunbar “Blue Sleep” (Blue Sleep)
Rodrigo Tavares “Congo I” (Congo)
Roberto Musci “Improbably Music” (Tower of Silence)
Lucretia Dalt “Disuelta” (No Era Solida)
WSR “Flatwound” (Dicasmia)
Antonina Nowacka “Lamunan” (Lamunan)
BBM (Boccardi/Bertoni/Mongardi) “γ Crucis” (Gala)
Gianmaria Aprile “Part VIII” (Rain, Ghosts, One Dog And Empty Woodland)
Mark Templeton “Separation by Threes” (Office Swan)
Maurizio Abate “La Via del Cantiluna” (SemiMondi)
Lawrence English “Patagonia” (Viento)
Luca Sigurtà “Ador Chaos” (Propoli Kiss)
Meara O’Really “Hockets for Two Voices:II” (Hockets for Two Voices)
Donato Epiro “Nuovo Linguaggio” (Rubisco)
Alberto Boccardi “Arenaria 2” (PETRA)

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