The Capsule Garden Vol 1.31: September 2, 2022

Hey, it’s Bandcamp Friday – buy some music! New releases from Ossining and Charlatan on The Jewel Garden plus a stack of gems below. Get at it!

Brown Calvin d i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v e (AKP Recordings)

Everything about d i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v e is perfect. From the cover art to the sequencing, melodic reveries, and, of course, transcendental sounds, Brown Calvin is fully zoned. Inspired by a dying world and becoming a father, he harnesses impossible dichotomies, sonic and emotional, to create something bursting at the seams with hope and promise. Introspective synth passages bounce on organic rhythms, buoyed by magic basslines, sparking new adventures through the decay to find the hidden places where beautiful things still bloom. There are so many divergent avenues shooting through the cosmic divide, but d i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v e holds it all together with purpose and the need to push forward. It’s an utterly captivating record reminding us that life lives here. Don’t stop.

SSWAN Invisibility is an Unnatural Disaster (577 Records)

One look at the line-up on Invisibility is an Unnatural Disaster, and most people reading this will be sold. Jessica Ackerley, Luke Stewart, Chris Williams, Jason Nazary, and Patrick Shiroishi join forces for an introspective trip through a scratch and sniff wonderlands and tricky aural scaffolding. Everyone in this quintet is incredible. They get in their lanes, start the fire, and weave in and out until leaving an intricate, knit spectacle in their wake. Guitar missives fire off at obtuse angles, carried through clattering sidestreets on waves of stoic horn phrasings and dirt-stained bass mantras. This music is at a constant simmer roiling with pensive energy. These are the songs of forgotten ghosts determined to be heard, focused on entrancing a world that left them behind. Each detail carries the emotional weight of a lost community, cathartic secrets for an immaterial world. Unreal.

Natalie Beridze In Front of You (Room 40)

What a year it’s been for Natalie Beridze. On her second album for Room 40 in 2022, the Georgian composer twists together disparate, delicate threads to form a solid sonic force. Illuminating synths collide with ethereal voices while sub-bass excavations ground everything in crystalized mud. A tangible shimmer beckons, holding open countless tiny spaces for interdimensional travel. Aural walls disintegrate. Emotive string arrangements shatter from the weight of diamond-encrusted waves, leaving a glorious, sparkling wake. So, so good.

Yama Yuki Music for Ride Hailing Services (Golden Ratio Frequencies)

Golden Ratio Frequencies is a label that doesn’t miss. Yama Yuki is an artist I have a passing familiarity with, but after the illuminative sonic brilliance of Music for Ride Hailing Services, I’m hooked. Reflective tones simmer in metallic spheres, opening new portals to future dimensions. Awash in liminal harmonies and synthetic jetstreams, we can only fly. Incredibly, as effervescent as this music is, there’s still a grounded feeling in the low-cast frequencies where subterranean melodies emerge like forgotten civilizations. Listen close enough, and we’ll transcend.

Limestone Ziggurat To What Green Altar (Self-Released)

What is the opposite of the speed of sound? To What Green Altar isn’t quite static – its movements are subtle and enriching – but it makes time stand nearly still. Layers of warm synthesizer tones hover like a beckoning ray of light. Lost in a spectral haze, each note stretches toward the infinite horizon. Before we even realize it, Limestone Ziggurat has carved out an entire resonant world from the Earth, wrapping its tendrils around us.

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